Nica Noelle is a writer, producer and director of adult films. She won the 2012 Adult Video Network (AVN) Award for Best New Line for her four adult studios: Girl Candy (lesbian), Hard Candy (straight), Rock Candy (gay) and Transromantic (transgender). Her transgender-focused film, Forbidden Lovers won the 2013 Feminist Porn Award for Steamiest Romantic Movie.

When not producing porn, Noelle is a mainstream journalist, writing on topics ranging from insect behaviors to environmental issues and pop culture trends.


  1. Have you got email address I can contact you on?

  2. I just bought A Father’s Lust and A Father’s Lust’s Two and I have to say the highlight of Father’s Lust was the scene of the father having a drink on the couch with his daughter’s friend and the highlight in a Father’s Lust Two was the dinner scene where they were discussing the contents of a book which definitely stole the movie as both scene led to the ending and made those ending scenes much more interesting than just watching a sex encounter.I hope we see more scenes like these in adult films as in opinion it was terrific writing which I believe equaled any scenes from a Hollywood film,Melvin l.Beadles 29339 Ariel Street,Murrieta, California, 92563 P.S.I also bought Psychotherapist and I have to say Vanilla Deville is great which has me hoping Hard Candy keeps making films that has a storyline supporting the contents as it does make watching adult films much more interesting

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